Athletic Performance and Strength Training

athletic performance and strength training

The games in Birmingham bring nations together in a diverse and colourful celebration of sport and human performance. The encouraging ethos of the Games motivates athletes and those they inspire to push themselves to the very limits of what the human body is capable of.

At Primal, we recognise the potential that sport and strength training have at their heart to help others discover their true potential. This echoes the core values of our brand and its mission to elevate strength training as a critical contributor to facilitating athletic performance.

Our innovative experts in empowerment continue to develop strength equipment to aid that essential component of all human physical and mental performance.

The development of strength and resilience.


Sporting success is decided by split seconds where victory hinges on the speed of movement, endurance for intensive work, strength and power of muscular effort. Whether an athlete is jumping, throwing, sprinting or cycling,. Whether diving, swimming, lifting, or bowling, Primal has your back to support all your endeavours. 


A distinctive yet non-definitive feature of strength training is not simply the development of muscular strength but many other vital benefits. This solidifies strength training, whatever your goal, as deserving of your time and energy. 


The ability to produce force quickly by connecting strength with speed becomes safer and more efficient once a solid strength base has been established. Whether that be repetitive power, peak power, and plyometric exercises found in plyo box jumps or performing Olympic lifts.


An ability to move quickly in a set, or multiple directions depends on body position, arm action, hip mechanics, and (depending on the sport) stride length, foot contact point and time.

Acceleration, deceleration, repetitive speed, maximum speed, foot placement, torso position, jumping, twisting, and landing require strength in some shape or form. 


The ability to remain in your chosen sport or training discipline even if that revolves predominately around gym equipment.

Posture, flexibility, proprioception, and recovery all contribute here. The seemingly insignificant acts of taking care of shoulder stability through basic band retraction-based movements to pelvic and lumbar spine control, working through specific movement patterns, such as squats and lunges.

Flexibility through lifting towards increasing relative range of motion can be safely replicated with Primal’s plate-loaded gym equipment range, such as the Monster series ISO Hack V Squat. Comparatively, the extensive functional fitness range has a host of alternatives that allow the ability to incorporate variations, such as lunge alternatives with Primal’s premium, high-quality dumbbells.

Built better, to build better.


The ability to produce force both statically and dynamically at its foundations relies on developing muscular balance and control.

Type of strength development encompasses maximum strength, strength-speed, high-speed strength, and positively transfers strength potential into leaping, bounding, sprinting, throwing type activities. Developing and incorporating posterior chain movements such as deadlifts into your exercise regime can enhance all fundamental actions that provide the basis for many sports.


Outside of strength development are other associative benefits to health from strength training:

  • Improved physical function and mobility.
  • Better body composition.
  • Reduced risk of developing type II diabetes, more significant insulin signalling and glycemic control.
  • Enhanced bone mineral density.
  • Lowered cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Reduced risk of cancer mortality.
  • Reduced risk of ALL mortality.

There are many benefits to strength training that make it worthy of your time, energy and effort invested.

Our uniquely designed strength equipment is for the most dynamic fit-for-lifers, everyday lifters, and professional athletes. Primal understands that we are all shaped by our environment.

Primal was forged in Glasgow so join us by sharing in our pride in the Games coming to one of our fellow British cities this year and celebrate the West Midlands becoming part of a legacy.

Improve your health and well-being and explore the limits of your potential with Primal.

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