Our team is made of true experts in strength and driven by a genuine service ethic. We challenge convention and carve our own path to bring our customers the best in strength.

  • Steven Rinaldi


    Steven is our CEO, founder and visionary for PRIMAL. PRIMAL is built upon the fundamental belief that strength is in us all. With over 15 years in the strength and fitness sector and a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry, Steven brings this force at the heart of everything we do at PRIMAL.

  • Gianna Rinaldi

    Sales Director

    As our Sales Director Gianna leads our sales team to ensure we are raising the bar on the service we provide. With a career spanning over 10 years in the strength and fitness industry she was the first to join the PRIMAL team and ensures we continually over deliver on every project.

  • Robbie Innes

    Chief Operating Officer 

    With a wealth of experience in finance & commercial operations Robbie ensures that everything at PRIMAL runs smoothly and with maximum efficiency. He leads the day-to-day operational and commercial functions of the company and with the implementation of the PRIMAL mission. 

  • Euan Millar

    Head of Sales

    Euan has a dynamic background across multiple areas of strength and fitness. Extremely detail orientated and knowledgeable, he is an expert in every nut and bolt of our products and can guide all our customers towards creating their best commercial spaces. 

  • Jennifer Dalgeish

    Head of Performance Marketing

    Jen is our Head of Performance Marketing and, has an extremely vast background in all aspects of marketing across multiple mediums. Giving voice to our values, Jen articulates exactly what makes us and our customers tick. We aim to lift, empower, and inspire every body to reach their full potential.

  • Brian Lewis

    Head of Product

    Brian is our Buyer at Primal. With over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Brian oversees all product sourcing and development aspects, from concept to construction to completion. His extensive background is within specialist fitness retail, including roles in store management and commercial sales, making him an invaluable asset to our team.