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PRIMAL® is who we are. Strength is what we do. From first-timers to the fit-for-lifers, from the every day lifters to the everyday athlete, we exist to help any and every body improve their health and wellbeing and discover a strength they didn't know they possessed.

We are Primal
  • We raise the bar

    Over-deliver on product quality, innovation, customer service, honesty, integrity and transparency.

    Set the benchmark for UK-designed equipment and gym design and inspire consistency in everyone we affect, from gym first-timers to full-timers, to owners.

  • We spot each other

    Always be supportive, encouraging and nurturing of both customers and colleagues.

    Lift, empower and inspire others through your actions, leadership and by example.

    We share our successes, learn from our failures, progress and grow together.

  • We keep pushing

    We never settle.

    Our intensity never wavers.

    When one job’s done, we recover, grow, and go again.

    This is about progression, not perfection.

    Progression comes through hard work, dedication, willpower and consistency.