Primal Strength Monster Series Dual Pulley with 125kg Stacks

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  • 125kg stacks
  • 1.6:1 ratio
  • Laser cut stack guards
  • Lifetime frame
Product description

  • Monster series dual pulley
  • 125kg stacks
  • 1.6:1 ratio
  • Laser cut stack guards
  • Metallic matte black finish
  • Magnetic pop pins
  • Revolving Stirrup handles included
  • Lifetime frame

Product care

Cleaning or disinfectant/sanitising spray should not be sprayed directly onto this product, it can remove the paint/ceramic coating/ionised/chromed finish and can cause rust. This product must only be used indoors in a temperature controlled environment and be left dry. Any damage to products from chemical cleaning products voids the product warranty.

Additional information
Weight 199.581 kg
Gross weight (kg) 440.0
Net weight (kg) 370.0
Packing size (cm) 225 x 123 x 42
Product size (cm) 171 x 101 x 213
Warranty Lifetime - Main Frame