Primal Strength Elite Commercial 5 Stack Multi Station

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  • Commercial 5-Station Includes: 100kg Low Row, 100kg Lat Pull Down, 2x100kg Dual-Cable Crossover Pulley, 100kg High Pulley/Push Down
  • Includes Five 100kg Stacks and Accessories for Each Station
  • Commercial Grade Cables, Bush Bearing Pulleys and Metal Pop Pins with Metal Shroud Guards
  • Double-Stitched, Rip-Resistant, Commercial Grade Seats and Pads
Product description

The mainstay feature in any gym is the Four or `Five Stack Multi-Station. The Primal Strength Stealth version has been engineered with the user ergonomics of each station as the key feature:

  • The low row has a full length seat pad and foot supports to ensure a comfortable and supported position during the exercise
  • The lat pull down station has a multi-height seat adjustment and pad adjustment to ensure the perfect position and comes with a commercial-grade bar. The bar includes: rotating swivel attachment and full length premium rubber grip with aluminium end-caps.
  • The cable cross over with two 100kg pulleys has a full rotation pulley on a laser-cut multi-hole arm support, the metal pop pin and hardened chrome arm allow for silent movement of the pulley from arm base to full height. This station can also be lined up with another four-stack to offer an eight-stack with cable crossover.
  • The five-stack is complete with a back-supported high-pulley, push-down station, including double-handle triceps rope.

The Primal Strength Stealth Five-Stack Multi-Station is a full commercial grade, designed for commercial gyms, hotels, schools and sports facilities. The matte black powder-coated frame and weight stacks come with a lifetime warranty with the pads, cables and pulleys warrantied for one year.

Product care

Cleaning or disinfectant/sanitising spray should not be sprayed directly onto this product, it can remove the paint/ceramic coating/ionised/chromed finish and can cause rust. This product must only be used indoors in a temperature controlled environment and be left dry. Any damage to products from chemical cleaning products voids the product warranty.

Additional information
Weight 1061.0 kg
Gross weight (kg) 1061.0
Net weight (kg) 893.0
Packing size (cm) 225 x 80 x 38, 190 x 93 x 44, 225 x 83 x 54
Product size (cm) 440*330*240