Home Gym - Lockdown

When all of the gyms closed and i made the decision to invest in a small home gym to allow me to keep myself on an even keel, so I turned to Primal Strength to create a High Quality home Gym, I couldn’t purchase anything lower quality as I needed any rack I bought to be rated for 400Kg+, thankfully Primal Strength happens to sell racks and strength solutions that professional gyms buy. Initially I bought the V3 commercial half rack but when i realised i could fit a cable attachment in I upgraded to the personal training system which is the rack, some storage and a 90Kg cable system.

I also ordered loads of plates, attachments and accessories including an FID commercial bench and one of my favourite bits of kit, the 30Kg Slam ball. Considering how busy Primal have been, they have been awesome to deal with. Their customer service has been amazing and they have earned a customer for life.