Fitness Yeovil

Why did you choose Primal Strength?:

We were liaising with a well-known fitness brand regards the gym design and equipment fit-out, but found the service ‘sluggish’ at best, and the equipment prices were sky-high. We were very despondent at the general attitude of the supplier we were going to use, and then someone suggested we spoke to Primal Strength. It really couldn’t have been better advice at a better time, Steven responded in a very proactive and constructive way. He couldn’t do enough for us. It was hugely refreshing and took a great deal of pressure off our shoulders. What’s more the price of the equipment was up to 50% lower, yet the build quality and the specific focus each machine has on the muscle groups is astounding.

The team that came to install the equipment are one of the best bunch of lads you could meet. Hardworking, dedicated and very friendly. Despite us supplying a floor plan of exactly where everything had to go, Mark and his team suggested some changes to the layout and it worked perfectly! Very, very proactive and knowledgeable. They work extremely hard and tidied up after themselves.

Primal Strength is clearly set to become one of the leading brands in gym equipment and they have certainly earned that accolade in our view.

What’s your favourite piece of Primal Strength kit?:

It’s difficult to choose a favourite piece of Primal Strength kit! Ones that stand out for us are the versatility of the hack squat. The focus of the 45 degree Leg Press (We’ve had strongmen come in from other gyms where they can leg press maybe 600kg, yet only 320kg on this one – why? Because of the exacting focus on muscle groups that Primal Strength equipment appear to achieve).