Celtic Football Club – Glasgow

As an elite football team Celtic FC demands the best training facilities for their players. Knowing the difference that purposeful strength and conditioning sessions can make on a player’s success Celtic sought to work with Primal as the experts in designing elite training facilities to create their new performance centre.

Celtic FC wanted a high-performance space that would support not only the first team but the academy and B team. They needed a space that would work for all the training needs across different physical profiles and age groups. Having worked with Primal for several years and trusting our expertise in developing high performance spaces, they reached out to help them create this new performance centre.

Utilising the existing fitness centre at the state-of-the-art training complex in Lennoxtown Primal worked with the club to understand the training demands to develop this new performance centre. A key stage in creating any training facility is understanding the style of training that will take place and from this work out the best use of space and the right equipment to build the gym. This approach allowed us to gain a deep understanding of Celtic FCs needs and ensure we delivered a high level performance centre that matched the intensity of training required from the elite athletes.

“ We were very demanding from the outset but, as expected, they delivered in every way we needed”

John Currie, Head of First Team Fitness & Conditioning, Sport Science

With the variety of sessions, training profiles and ages to consider we created key zones and worked with the Celtic to select kit what would allow maximum use. This included 4 of our Monster Series Performance racks that provides versatility in training and helps not only strength training but for requirements the medical teams to help improve all over movement proficiency.

Along with this we supplied several pieces of strength equipment such as our dual leg press and glute drive machines to enable concentrated work on both eccentric and isometric training. Along with this we provided a suite of cardio equipment such as our Primal HIIT rower, full range of functional equipment, a wide selection of dumbbells, weight benches down to Adding more training options and we added a 35x2m customised turf track to maximise power and conditioning.