Renegade Stirling

Why did you choose Primal Strength?:

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to expand Renegade in 2017. With a brand new city centre location looming, in a unique building we were keen to optimise the space and create a gym where people could train in any style they wished.

After quite a bit of time looking at different suppliers, it quickly came down to two companies. The initial cut came down to product and cost. To help us make up our minds, we visited facilities with the product. In many ways this was a bad idea as we simply added more to our shopping list!

The kit that we do have is varied and is wearing well. The after sales support from Primal Strength has been fantastic. They are quick to reply and always have a solution.

Given the positive experience we decided to approach Primal to tender for a corporate gym that we manage. The bid was successful and was largely based on costs and quality of product, which included Kaiser bikes – which are currently being very well utilised!.


What’s your favourite piece of Primal Strength kit?:

One of the things we loved about Primal Strength was the finishing touches to the kit. For example, the half racks with the different pull up grips have gone down a treat with our members.