Fitness Studio 46 – Stourbridge

Why did you choose Primal Strength?:

Fitness Studio 46 is a boutique fitness studio, specialising in customised small group coaching. As a 700sq ft facility, space saving was a huge priority, so we were in need of a very competent equipment manufacturer & installation team!

We were directed to Primal Strength though ties to The PT Coach, Phil Learney. As well as being able to see the very impressive display at Bodypower Expo and meeting the Primal Strength team.

Almost every piece of equipment in the gym is multi purpose with The Squat Rack being the central piece in our facility; the multi grip pull up handles, easily adjustable hooks & safety bar and landmine attachment makes it extremely versatile.

Speaking generally, the equipment is attractive, durable and ergonomic. We are extremely happy with Primal Strength’s kit.

What’s your favourite piece of Primal Strength kit?:

The floor GHD & Hip Thrust is a client favourite.