FIT Tovarna – Slovenia

Why did you choose Primal Strength?:

Primal Strength is the best possible partner regarding fitness equipment in the past few years. The support we get is amazing and all of the team is really working in a manner that gives us the best experience while improving our gym layout and equipment. To be fair, if Primal Strength would be there in the first year we opened our facility, the whole gym would be equipped with Primal Strength kit.

The value we get for our investment is compared to others just amazing and i couldn’t be more satisfied with how they handle things when somethings gets wrong while the kit is shipped. Fast response, quality of service, quality of equipment and the ongoing support we get from them is way above we have experienced with other providers.

It makes it really logical an easy to recommend Primal Strength to anyone that is buying new equipment or opening up a new facility. Ask for their help with thew gym layout and support, you wont regret it !