Evolve – Poland

Why did you choose Primal Strength?:

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first orders processed by Primal Strength, and any fears of handing my hard earned cash over to an unproven brand name was swiftly dealt with. Steven and his team were always on hand to deal with any questions or stresses I may have had at the time. The process from first questions right up to the delivery and assembly (the owner himself flew out to help me put it all together) – so I seriously cannot recommend them enough.

One look on the website and you’ll agree that it looks fantastic, it’s big, chunky and gives the appearance that it’ll take any abuse you throw at it. I’ve now had the gym running for close to 3 years now and the appearance also has substance, the bars and racks have taken some serious athletes being less than kind to them and they still perform like new.

On a final note… I’ve been a return customer to Primal Strength, even with my gym being in Poland, the price to quality ratio is worth spending the extra on shipping. So all in, a happy customer

What’s your favourite piece of Primal Strength kit?:

The guys at Primal asked me to pick my favourite bit of kit, and the bright green half rack is hard to ignore……however, I’m going to pick the bit of kit that surprised me the most – the ISO Leg Press; It’s an absolute monster! I have to warn most of the new clients of this on their first day, most have been used to stacking 100+ kg on these machines to even feel their legs working, this machine is heavy! (100kg at the top, 60kg at the bottom ) So yeah, this one gets the most praise amongst the athletes here.