Primal Strength Monster Series 45 Degree Hack Squat

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  • ISO lateral technology allows users to move both limbs individually
  • 38mm rubber ribbed handles with caped anodised aluminium ends
  • Exercise placard with instructional diagrams and targeted muscle groups
  • Main Frame: 100 x 50 x 3 ERW flat sided oval
  • Optional 2 Single x 2 Double Storage Horns (6 Storage Points)
  • Lifetime warranty on main frame
Product description

The Primal Strength Monster Series 45 Degree Hack Squat is angled at 45 degrees to reduce stress on the knees and prevent injury. This machine features conveniently placed handles, a comfortable back pad and shoulder support. The wide anti-slip platform incorporating stainless steel footplates helps to keep footing firm and ensure users take the correct exercise position.


Engineering excellence and state of the art software, utilising parametric modelling, ensures precise biomechanics and accurate anatomical movements.

Max Load: 280kg

Back with a life-time main frame warranty

Product care

Cleaning or disinfectant/sanitising spray should not be sprayed directly onto this product, it can remove the paint/ceramic coating/ionised/chromed finish and can cause rust. This product must only be used indoors in a temperature controlled environment and be left dry. Any damage to products from chemical cleaning products voids the product warranty.