Primal Strength Monster Series Commercial Performance Rack with 50mm platform

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  • Industry Leading, 1000kg Rated, Commercial Power Rack & 50mm Integrated Platform
  • Overbuilt 270cm, 75mm Box Steel With 2cm Spacing, 37mm Nut & Bolt Heads
  • Premium Rubber Sandwich J-Hooks, Safeties, Front Safeties, Safety Straps
  • Landmine Row, Vertical Bar Holder, 8 Olympic Disc Storage Pins
  • 10 Grip Front Chin Frame, Rear Adjustable/Lockable Angle Chin Handles
  • Plyo Box Rubber Centre Frame, Multiple Leather Rollers, Adjustable Band Pegs
  • Lifetime Laser-Cut Frame Warranty
Product description

The Primal Strength “Monster Series” Commercial Performance Rack & Platform is our elite performance set-up, setting a new industry standard for Performance Power Racks and is perfect for any commercial gym, performance centre or functional fitness box.

The overbuilt Frame allows for a wide variety of performance training, tested to over 1000kg the 270cm high, 75x75mm laser cut box steel is secured by 37mm bolt heads and nuts. The oversized frame allows for two athletes to train together.

The laser-cut steel, integrated platform is formed with a 50mm steel frame, with a bamboo wood centre, the rubber sides have an EPDM top layer and the platform is finished with ramp edging.

The 50mm tiles offer full sound proofing even when drops from overhead.

The Primal Strength “Monster Series” Commercial Performance Rack & Platform includes a huge range of performance accessories design with rubber inserts on the front safeties, internal rack safeties, sandwich J-Hooks and safety straps to ensure elite Olympic bars are fully protected. The Rack also includes; -Landmine Row Attachment for Olympic Bars, Vertical Olympic Bar Holder, 8 Olympic Disc Storage Pins -10 Grip Front Chin Frame, Rear Adjustable/Lockable Angle Chin Handles -Plyo Box with Rubber Centre That Quickly Attaches to the Safeties , Multiple Leather Rollers & Adjustable Band Pegs

The Rack is suitable for the Primal Strength optional dip frame attachment, Primal Jammer Arms and GLS Jammer Arms. The rack can also be selected without the platform.

Backed by a Lifetime Frame warranty, it truly is the only power rack you will ever purchase for your facility.

Product care

Cleaning or disinfectant/sanitising spray should not be sprayed directly onto this product, it can remove the paint/ceramic coating/ionised/chromed finish and can cause rust. This product must only be used indoors in a temperature controlled environment and be left dry. Any damage to products from chemical cleaning products voids the product warranty.

Additional information
Weight 300.0 kg
Height 270.0
Warranty Lifetime Frame warranty