Zack George Festive Tips Staying On Track With Your Goals

Progress Over Perfection

When you're working hard all year the holiday season can leave us wondering how to balance our training and nutrition with our overall goals.

Your not alone. Crossfitter and Primal athlete shares his tips on how he balances the holiday season with his competition goals.

 1. Enjoy Yourself

Allow yourself time to fully enjoy the season. Give yourself allocated time off from your training and nutrition to fully embrace and enjoy the season. Zack George gives himself 4 days to fully eat what he wants, spend time with family and not train. This allows him to rest and really embrace this period.

2. Stick to Your allocated time off

Don’t let a few days off derail your overall goals. If you have set yourself 4 days off don’t let that turn into a week. Getting back to your nutrition and training when you had intended will make it easier to reform routines and reach your goals

3. Don’t worry

Taking a few days off won’t affect your overall goals so don’t panic. You’ve trained well all year and if you are taking time off don’t spent that time worrying or feeling guilty. A few days off won’t impact your long term targets – it’s about progress, not perfection


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