Sarah Holden Festive Tips Staying On Track With Your Goals

Progress Over Perfection

It’s December and the festive season is upon us. Some of us this can mean getting worried about how to stay on track with our goals. For this time of year remember it’s about progress over perfection.

Sarah Holden shares her top 3 tips for balancing your longer term goals with this holiday season.



  1. Don’t be too restrictive.

When you are having nights out or family events then don’t restrict yourself. Embrace the time you have with friends and family and enjoy yourself.

  1. In between events stay on track

On the days you don’t have events make sure to stay on track with your nutrition and training. These in between days can make all the difference. Sticking to your normal nutritional goals, and getting some training in can help you stay on track and make January a bit less painful.

  1. Enjoy yourself

A few days off isn’t going to undo all your hard work this year. The festive season is to be enjoyed so make sure you do and don’t worry to much. Remember it’s all about progress over perfection.

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